Episode 7
The Dreks on the planet Porcelain (4/9)

The weapon of the resistance turns out to be a huge toilet brush, which stops the Dreks coming any closer. It is manned by (the rather awfully English, what?) Prince Percy, heir to the throne of Porcelain, who Dana also fancies. She goes to touch herself up… and is captured by the Dreks.

Episode 8
The Dreks on the planet Porcelain (5/9)

The Dr has a secret weapon – cross-stitch. The Dreks, meanwhile, demand that Dana reveals John Paul Young’s inside leg measurement.

Episode 9
The Dreks on the planet Porcelain (6/9)

The men of Porcelain are handed Dr Poo’s freshly stitched fluffy toilet seat covers and attack the Dreks, who cry out in horror and retreat to their fortified septic tank – which, the Dr realises, is where they’re holding Dana.

Episode 10
The Dreks on the planet Porcelain (7/9)

Dana gives the Dreks some decorating advice on their septic tank, and the Dreks become nostalgic for the brown, brown hills of their home planet, Excreta. Prince Percy arrives to rescue her. The septic tank appears to be preparing for take-off…

Episode 11
The Dreks on the planet Porcelain (8/9)

Fidel Gastro rushes off to face 10,000 diarrhoea-wielding Dreks and rescue Dana and Percy… but they have already escaped down a back passage. Everyone gathers to watch Gastro die needlessly in an eruption of drek.

Episode 12
The Dreks on the planet Porcelain (9/9)

Percy offers Dr Poo a seat on his privy council, but Poo declines and leaves the mopping up operations to Percy. He and Dana leave in the TURDIS after a touching farewell.