Episode 13
The Woollen Chook

Inside the TURDIS the Dr knits a chicken for dinner. There is a guest appearance from an (as-yet un-named) denim cat.

Episode 14
Genghis Khan & the Mongrels (1/9)

The TURDIS’ Rod Stewart early warning system alerts the Dr and Dana to their materialisation – they have landed in the Alps of Northern Italy in the time of the Roman Empire, and they meet a band of barbarian invaders, who are a bunch of Australian layabouts.

Episode 15
Genghis Khan & the Mongrels (2/9)

The mongrel hoardes introduce their leader, the mighty Genghis Khan (“you couldn’t meet a nicer bloke…”) who is delighted to clap eyes on some strangers. Dana receives some unsubtle compliments.

Episode 16
Genghis Khan & the Mongrels (3/9)

Poo defends his name in the face of ridicule (“we Poos have come down through countless generations!”) and Ghengis introduces his sons, the Khan brothers, including clever Neville. They march off to attack Rome.

Episode 17
Genghis Khan & the Mongrels (4/9)

Khan’s horse blows a cylinder and has to have its head replaced. Once fixed, Ghengis takes a swig of his beer – and discovers that it has gone warm! He leads the barbarians back to the Alps. (Poo isn’t in this episode, as he is washing his hair. “You’re a sham, Poo!”)

Episode 18
Genghis Khan & the Mongrels (5/9)

Poo and Dana witness the barbarians give a choreographed meeting to the other tribes (an excerpt from Okalahoma!; they did South Pacific last year). Neville explains to the assembled mongrels that their beer stays cold in the Alps but turns warm when they travel to Italy, which is nearer the sun. Poo intervenes to say that he can help…

Episode 19
Genghis Khan & the Mongrels (6/9)

Why is Poo happy to help the barbarians? Because Earth’s history dictates that Rome should rise and fall, rise and fall, rise and fall, and so he builds them an eskee. Dana chats up Neville.

Episode 20
Genghis Khan & the Mongrels (7/9)

Dr Poo supplies the barbarians with enough eskees to keep their beers cold, and they set off once again for Rome. Dana and Neville hit difficulties when Nev’s suggestion of a good time is sacking a monastery.

Episode 21
Genghis Khan & the Mongrels (8/9)

It’s the moment of truth – if the tinnies are cold, Rome will be ripped apart, but if they’re not, Poo will. Happily the eskees have worked, and so Rome is slaughtered. It’s carnage; but at least the mongrels aren’t in the Gobi desert doing second-rate musical comedy.

Episode 22
Genghis Khan & the Mongrels (9/9)

The Roman Empire has fallen, and Genghis brings the Dr’s funny dunny the TURDIS into town. Dana, disappointed with Neville, leaves with the Dr.