Episode 23
The Two Danas (1/4)

There are some tricky metaphysical concepts in this episode, as Poo tries not to think of a rubber piano by thinking of Einstein’s theory of time travel instead. Dana, trying to understand, imagines the whole universe inside her head – where it promptly vanishes to. The denim cat makes another brief appearance.

Episode 24
The Two Danas (2/4)

The Dr – and the whole universe – is now inside Dana’s head, and subject to whatever she thinks of. He almost drowns in spaghetti bolognaise, then Rod Stewart, and finally gets Dana to imagine herself in his position – whereupon they swap places. When she imagines the whole universe out of her head, she finds that another Dana is already there.

Episode 25
The Two Danas (3/4)

To prove which Dana is the real Dana, the Dr forces them both into the bathroom to sing Ave Maria while covered in chicken fat. There is a knock at the door as the Department of Time and Space demand to know why Poo suddenly has two beautiful assistants when he is only claiming for one.

Episode 26
The Two Danas (4/4)

The second Dana disappears (she just faded away, written out of the serial) and the man leaves. It’s all cisterns go!