Episode 27
K-Tel Dorado (1/8)

The TURDIS materialises in a field of plastic trees, with plastic flowers and an easy-clean plastic population: K-Tel Dorado. An enthusiastic salesman promotes the discounts available.

Episode 28
K-Tel Dorado (2/8)

On the best planet at the cheapest possible price, not everything is working and the wheels keep falling off the beanbags. The Dr and Dana are taken to meet the astounding leader – and head salesman – of K-Tel Dorado.

Episode 29
K-Tel Dorado (3/8)

The shiny leader falls apart and Poo fails to put him back together again… his head clicks on backwards.

Episode 30
K-Tel Dorado (4/8)

The (Yorkshire-accented) police are sent after Poo and Dana, but they are economy-sized and their cheap plastic legs keep falling off.

Episode 31
K-Tel Dorado (5/8)

Our heroes hide in a church, where a Jewish American priest offers Dana lots of religious plastic services.

This is where our recording of the first 31 episodes ends - although the History of Dr Poo flyer explains the end of the serial:

The Doctor & Dana are persecuted for not being plastic like the rest of the inhabitants. Doctor destroys the planet with a well directed burst of ABC News (vindictive swine). Plastic toilet seat cracks in TURDIS during holocaust.